SIEM / Network Monitoring

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a critical tool for companies to improve their security posture. SIEM provides comprehensive threat detection, real-time monitoring, compliance management, incident response, and cost-effective security solutions. By using SIEM, companies can detect and respond to security threats quickly, minimize the impact of security incidents, and prevent data breaches.

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Entrust Network Services specialize in SIEM deployment and managing SIEM solutions. We understand the intricacies of SIEM and can optimise it to meet your specific security needs.

With our SIEM solutions, companies are able to leverage on our service level support hours and have a peace of mind knowing that your security infrastructure is being monitored around the clock, and any security incidents will be promptly assessed and reported for due diligence.

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SIEM Approach

1. Define requirements
2. Propose SIEM Solution
3. Design SIEM Architecture
4. Deploy and Configure SIEM Solution
5. Full Infrastructure Integration
6. Test and Refine
7. Monitor and Support
8. Interpret, Investigate and Respond

Industry insiders stated that the main benefits of having a SIEM platform:

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more efficient security operations
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fastest detection and response to security events
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better visibility to threats

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