DPO as a Service

In order to ensure compliance with data protection laws in Singapore and to prevent data breaches, many companies have gone to outsourcing to appoint an experience and certified Data Protection Officer (DPO).

ISO 27001 Certified

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Stay compliant to avoid Data breaches and government fines

How we can help.

Our DPO as a service ensures that a company’s data protection policies and practices are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

We become a part of your team when any PDPA related issues come up to answer on your organisation’s behalf. Aside from having the most comprehensive DPO scope of work, we provide staff training courses, cyber monitoring services, regular passwords check, email spoofing and phishing attacks as part of our service.

Get the IT support you need to focus on your business.

As an ISO 27001 certified firm, we are well positioned to provide the support that your business requires.

Advantages of DPO as a service

Expertise in IT Security

Engage a true professional who is knowledgeable about security best practices and can identify potential vulnerabilities in your company's IT systems. By outsourcing your DPO to an IT professional, you can ensure that your data protection practices are up-to-date and effective.


An external DPO is not emotionally invested in the company and can provide an objective perspective on data protection practices. This can be helpful in identifying potential areas of improvement.


An experienced DPO can ensure that your company is in compliance with data protection laws and regulations. This can help to avoid costly fines and legal issues.

Data Security

Leverage on us to have the expertise to identify and mitigate risks related to data security. They can help to ensure that your data is protected from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other security threats.

Data Protection Management Program (DPMP)

Aside from having an exclusive account manager for PDPA related support, we as a team will develop data handling, retention policies and Data Protection Management Programme.

Ongoing support and Improvement

As your DPO, we are always available for questions that might have PDPA implications. That would include consultancy, meetings and assessments. We will regular review current PDPA protocol and revise to constantly stay compliant and secure.


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Part of our team.

“We needed to find an experienced IT partner and Entrust Network Services was exactly what we were looking for. Their team of experts has been able to seamlessly integrate with our existing systems and provide us with the support we need to stay productive and efficient. They’ve helped us implement new technologies and security protocols that have not only protected us from potential threats but have also increased our overall performance. They truly integrate themselves as part of your team, and we highly recommend them.”

Dr Steven Tucker, Director
Tucker Medical

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