How to access files in OneDrive and sync it with your computer

Documented By: Roger

Updated On: 7 June 2019

Step: 1 (Accessing your webmail)

Open Firefox or any browser of your preference and go to  

Enter your email:

Enter your password: xx xxx xx

Click the “Sign in” button to log in your webmail











Step: 2

Click on “OneDrive”






Step: 3

Click on “Shared” and you will see the folder that was shared with you.







Step: 4

Open the shared folder and on the top right, you will see a “Sync” button.

Click on “Sync” to connect OneDrive to your computer.








Step: 5

Click on “Open Microsoft OneDrive” and wait for the sync to be complete.











Step: 6

Click on your “File Explorer” and you will find 2 OneDrive files on your “Navigation Pane”. One is your personal OneDrive and the other is a shared OneDrive.