How to setup the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

Updated On:
4 June 2019
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Step 1: Download Microsoft Authenticator App

Download and install Microsoft Authentication App from your mobile App Store / Play store


Step 2: Register for MFA and Enroll in Microsoft Authenticator

  1. Launch your web browser – Internet Explorer/ Google Chrome/ Firefox

  2. Access to and login with your email account and password.

  3. you will be directed to the Additional Security Verification setup

  4. Select “Mobile app” and choose “Receive notifications for verification” Once selected, click “Set up”

5. Now launch your Microsoft Authenticator App in your mobile, Click on Add account.

6. Select Work or School account and scan the bar code shown on your desktop

If it is successful, you will see “Mobile app has been configured….”, click Next


7. Go to your Microsoft Authenticator App to find the verification code

8. Type your mobile number and click “Next”. (This is important for MFA reset in )


9. Once complete, click Done.

10. After clicking Done, review the settings and if there is no changes, just click cancel.


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