How to setup a vacation message using Webmail

Updated On:
4 June 2019
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Step: 1

Open internet browser, go to

Email address:

Password: XXXXXXXX (your password)

Click “Log in”


Step: 2

For Horde webmail user, click the username > “Autoresponder”  

Click “Add Autoresponder”


For Roundcube webmail user, setting up of autoresponder is the same


Step: 3

Fill in the relevant fields to create your Out of Office reply.

Once done, click “Create” to create your Autoresponder.


Character Set – The standard Character set is “utf-8” 

Interval – You can set the number of hours to wait before autoresponding to the email address that sent you a 2nd email.

Email – List the email address you are setting up the autoresponder for. Your Email Address.

From – You can enter a “From” address here. Which is your Email Address.

Subject – Enter a subject line here. For example: “I am out of the office.”

HTML – Check this if you want to enter HTML into the “Body” of your email.

Body – Enter your Autoresponder message here. For example: “I am out of the office from dd/mm to dd/mm.”

Start – Choose if want this autoresponder to begin Immediately or set a Custom start time.

Stop – Here you can set a Custom date for your Autoresponder to stop responding, or set to Never


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