How to archive email on Mac Mail

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4 June 2019
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Step: 1 (Create a new mailbox)

*Do note that different updated versions of Mac Mail might have different ways of creating mailboxes.


Method 1

Hover your mouse to “Mailboxes” and you will see a “+” sign located on the right. Click on the “+” sign to create a new mailbox.


Method 2

Hover your mouse to “Inbox” and right click on it and click on “New Mailbox”

Set the location as “On My Mac” and choose a name for your mailbox (E.g. 2019 Archived)


Step: 2.1 (Manually moving email to new Mailbox)

Select the email that you want to move to the new mailbox

*Quick tip – E.g. To select emails from Jan 2019 to Apr 2019, select the last email of Apr, scroll down to the first email of Jan use the shortcut “Shift + Left click” to select all the mails in between the selected 2 mails.

Right click > Move To > 2019 Archived


Step: 2.2 (Automatically moving email to new Mailbox)

Click on “Mail” > “Preferences”

Click on “Rules” and choose “Add rule”

Name the Rule in the description box and add conditions. You can add conditions such as email older than two weeks. Press the “+” button to add more conditions.

The image below shows the rule that was set to archive email automatically.

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