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Recognised as one of the leaders in Singapore cyber security, Entrust Network offers an array of cyber security consulting services and oversees the administration of established policies, enabling your organization to cultivate and uphold the cyber capability essential for achieving success.

Our cyber security risk management services enable you to see more in order to protect your organization.

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As technology rapidly evolves and digital adoption accelerates, securing your business infrastructure and data has never been more crucial. From ransomware and viruses to phishing campaigns, the frequency of attacks has surged exponentially over the last decade, with no indications of a decline. 

As a leader in managed service provider cyber security, our proactive approach includes vulnerability assessment Singapore, ongoing monitoring, analysis of threat intelligence, and swift incident response. This comprehensive approach is designed to guarantee real-time protection against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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Cybersecurity Approach

Entrust Network provides a full suite solution (ENS360) of cyber security services and solutions for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) across all industries.


Conduct a thorough audit to identify cyber security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps, assessing the risk exposure for a comprehensive understanding of potential threats and determine the likelihood of vulnerabilities being exploited.


Formulate a strategy to mitigate cyber security risks identified in the audit, including infrastructure and software implementation, policy development, and a plan for cyber security awareness and training initiatives.


Deploy our ENS360 Singapore cyber security team to implement pragmatic solutions, ensuring seamless deployment of security measures within allocated resources and budget.


Establish robust monitoring systems to identify cyber security anomalies, proactively preventing breaches and enhancing the cybersecurity framework through continuous monitoring. All changes to system and operational environment will be documented.


Swiftly respond to and recover from cybersecurity incidents, evaluating the effectiveness of the recovery plan upon execution, and maintaining ongoing visibility into your cybersecurity status through regular checks and reports.

Expert insights on key cyber security statistics show that:

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0 %
of cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses.
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only 14% of SMEs are prepared to face cyber-attacks when they occur.
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average time it took to just identify a ransomware attack.

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