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Entrust Network specializes in planning and designing enterprise wireless solutions for the small and medium enterprise. WiFi is more important than ever and Entrust Network pride ourselves on providing a stable and secure WiFi solution, using the latest hardware and technology at the most cost-effective price.

First, we understand your business needs and requirements and conduct a site survey to determine proper access point placement for the office wireless network setup. An onsite survey ensures that all aspects of the office space, external interference, numbers of users and all other impacting factors are considered before a solution is recommended. This ensures that your wireless solution gives maximum coverage and performance.
Secondly, this is important to select the right IT hardware. We partner with leading manufacturers to offer the latest hardware and technology to provide excellence in wireless connectivity and security. We propose enterprise-grade WiFi equipment including Cisco, Ruckus or UniFi. This type of wireless equipment is built for environments where high-performance wireless access is mission critical. The price of the access points can be a slightly higher cost than those wifi access point designed for home users. However, the features and performance of the enterprise equipment are superior to the home-based type.

Thirdly, wireless is always one the weakest link in IT security. To secure the wireless organization solution, we set up a single sign-on (SSO) integrating authentication with Window Active Directory Radius support. Depending on the organization security requirement, multi-factor authentication can also be implemented using a smartphone or token. The staff and guest wifi network are also spilled using VLAN, so a visitor login to the wireless network is unable to access the company critical server and data. A splash page can be set up to increase security by acting as another layer of authentication and providing log into the types and activities of devices connected to the network.

If you are sourcing for a wireless network for your office, feel free to contact us and get an expert opinion.
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