Why Entrust Network

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Why Entrust Network

High availability and response rate through a bespoke approach of IT support and management for each and every client

Entrust Network incorporates expertise in the fields of IT Outsourcing and Managed Services.
IT Outsourcing is favored by Small, Medium and even Large Corporations because of its extensive benefits in the short and long term for a business. If your business employs fewer than 50 employees, it almost certainly will not be cost-effective to employ an in-house IT administrator. You can greatly reduce your cost of operation by outsourcing your IT infrastructure to us and leverage on our expertise in the field of IT at a lower cost than hiring your own.
Another benefit of outsourcing your company’s IT infrastructure is the broad technical expertise that is available to you as we have a team of engineers / developers / consultants specialized in all areas at your disposal. That is a key point that is impossible to possess when you simply hire one or two in-house IT staff.
For some companies, it is possible to still outsource while having an in-house IT support. In situations when the technology issue or scope of work is beyond the expertise of your IT internal staff, you can take advantage of utilizing a third party IT firm such as us to support any troubleshooting or system integration.

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing to Entrust Network Services can give you access to cost-effective services and solutions. Many businesses suffer the same problem. They end up buying a hardware or setup a system that is either more than what they require (*thus paying more than necessary) or worse, getting something that does not fully support their business requirements.
As a full-fledged professional IT Firm, we have the knowledge, experience and network that you can leverage on to provide the best quality services and most suitable solution for your business. We propose what your business needs, without compromising on your needs nor oversell to you what is not needed. That is true cost-effectiveness.

Lessen Down Time

It is important to understand that downtime of IT equipment directly relates to monetary loss for your business as your staff is still on your payroll but do not have the necessary equipment to work. That is why it is extremely important to do optimization and preventive maintenance for all your critical IT equipment.
Entrust Network Services provide the full spectrum of hardware optimization and maintenance to ensure that minimal downtime is encountered and that your IT investments are made available to you and your staff to work efficiently at all times. We specialize in fine-tuning hardware startup processes, registry fixes, cleanups, load balancing and system allocation to ensure that your hardware is at its optimal processing capabilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Experienced Managed Services

Entrust Network Services has served over 100 companies in Singapore with regards to IT Managed Services. By outsourcing to us, your business is able to tap on our pool of staff that is experienced in the field of IT. This key benefit of has been the key reason why outsourcing is an extremely viable option for most businesses. We are specialized in the field of IT and can support you fully while your business and staff focus solely on your core competency.
Entrust Network Services offer a wide range of specialized IT solutions and that has made us the preferred choice for clients to cross-leverage our skills and expertise across industry verticals and technologies to achieve greater efficiency and productivity for their business processes.

Reduced Cost

The direct cost of hiring an in-house IT staff is almost certainly more expensive than outsourcing it to an IT firm such as our company. By outsourcing, you get a higher level of knowledgeable service standard and expertise for a fraction of what you will have paid for to hire internally.
Entrust Network Services can help save cost for your business because of our professionalism in independent reporting. Many businesses often make less informed IT decisions due to personal preference or knowledge which end up having a devastating effect on their business in terms of productivity and cost. Our company understands the best practices available on the market and can make an informed and independent decision on your behalf to prevent such situations from happening.

Secure & Fail Safe Systems

Today, all businesses rely heavily on technology and digital data to operate efficiently. Access to information such as emails, files, documents is the paramount for all of your staff. Interrupted access to data or data losses could financially impact your business. This could mean loss of business, loss of customers and worst of all, going out of business.
Entrust Network Services help to avoid these issues by implementing tested and secure solutions that are less susceptible to virus that can crash your systems. We are also proficient in creating a robust and secure network infrastructure that prevents unwanted entry from hackers coming into your IT infrastructure and stealing your data. Our standard IT Managed Services procedure also includes backup and redundancy procedures that will ensure that your business will not be left handicapped when your primary hardware fails

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