Online collaboration and co-authoring with Office365

Documented By: Dave

Updated On: 19 Nov 2019

Microsoft Office365 allow online collaboration for the shared file on ONE Drive. File type include Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Microsoft co-authoring is a technology allowing the same document to be opened and edited by multiple users at the same time.

Step 1: Access to your One Drive web portal
Step 2: Login with your email credentials. 
Step 3: You should see a list of APPs , click on the OneDrive






Step 4: Click on “Shared” in left panel.









Step 5: Here I can see the “meeting notes” folder and its contents which was shared to me.









Step 6: in this example, I will open a Word Document online – How to Setup MFA.docx.

– Multiple users can access and edit the files simultaneously. With live status on top of the screen.

– You have the option to launch your Office application to edit the files.















Step 7: if you open the file in your desktop App. The file will be locked in the online editing page.

Click on the Resume Editing here if you would like to edit the files online again.








The file will be open with the native Microsoft Word App, you can edit the document and sync in real time.


Happy working and have fun.