How to VPN to office network on Mac

Documented By: Roger

Updated On: 13 February 2020

How to install the FortiClient VPN software

Open the Internet Browser and go to this website











Click the “Download for Windows” button to download the FortiClient VPN software












Double-click the FortiClientOnlineInstaller.dmg to open the FortiClient Online Installer











After you’ve opened the FortiClient Online Installer, you may close the Internet Browser

Double-click the FortiClientUpdate installer to start the installation

Security Warning when opening applications downloaded from the Internet. Click Open












In FortiClient installation, main page, click Continue

Click Continue to accept the Software License Agreement

Click Agree to continue the installation

Lastly, click Install


Enter your Mac admin password to allow and proceed the installation











The FortiClient installation was completed successfully


How to setup the VPN profile in FortiClient software











Look for the FortiClient application in the Mac Application folder

Double-click the FortiClient icon to open the program











When in the FortiClient, click Remote Access 

Select “Add a new connection”












Connection Name: My Company’s VPN

Description: *Blank*

Remote Gateway: My Office IP Address 

Customize Port: 10443

Client Certificate: None

Authentication – Check “Save login”

Username: Your username for VPN connection


Click “Save”










Enter the VPN login password and then click Connect

 If there is a Server Certificate warning, click Continue











After you have connected to the office VPN successfully if it appears like this.