How to view email header in Mac Mail

Documented By: Roger

Updated On: 29 Nov 2019

Email scams such as Phishing & Spoofing are growing to be more common. To prevent getting tricked by these email scams, we will need to be more aware and learn how to identify scam emails.

Using Mac Mail, we will examine the email header to find out detailed information about the sender.


To check the email header of an email, you will need to select/open the email and click on View > Message > All Headers












As the header is not easy to read, you can copy the Internet headers and go to this link where you can paste the header and it will help to analyze and simplify it to a more readable format.

As shown in the image above, you can see that the sender is “herbert.wesley” but from the “From” address it shows a person called Vipulan with a different email address. The sender set Vipulan as his email name and used it to send malicious emails that tricked unsuspecting users (Colleagues of Vipulan) to think that it is an email sent by Vipulan instead.