How to protect personal data with AxCrypt

Documented By: Jamson Lim

Updated On: 7 October 2019

  1. How to encrypt a file using AxCrypt business for personal data protection.

  2. How to decrypt a file

  3. How to decrypt file AxCrypt on Smart Phone


  1. Download the AxCrypt installer


AxCrypt is compatible with Windows and macOS. We installed the software on both Windows 10 and macOS with ease, and we can also decrypt and encrypt files with both Operating systems without error.


  1. Let’s start to encrypt and decrypt files that are personal or confidential.







Start the AxCrypt software, enter the email account and password issue.

Once sign-in, you can minimize the software to the background.

a. To encrypt a file,

Right-click on the file and click encrypt.





A file is encrypted with a green lock icon.

b. To decrypt a file

Right-click on the file and click decrypt.

  1. Apple Phone IOS

On smartphone, we can only decrypt to view the file. The encryption of files on smartphone is still under development.

Please download and install AxCrypt on Apps store. (free)
















Start Axcrypt and sign in with in the AxCrypt account and private pass.






















On google drive or email, open the encrypted file by selecting the axcrypt app


Copy to AxCrypt























The encrypted file is open by AxCrypt and you can view the content of the file.





















Thank you!