How to create a shared folder for file sharing using OneDrive

Documented By: Roger

Updated On: 7 June 2019

Step: 1 (Accessing your webmail)

Open Firefox or any browser of your preference and go to  

Enter your email:

Enter your password: xx xxx xx

Click the “Sign in” button to log in your webmail











Step: 2

Click on “OneDrive”






Step: 3 (Create a folder)

Click on “New” and select “Folder”




Enter the folder name (E.g. IT Stuff) and click create






Step: 4

Move your mouse to the folder and click on the 3 dots button and click “Share”








You can choose to share to your company or just a selected group of people











For example, I only want Jimmy to be able to access the folder so I will only send the link to him.










Once sent, you can click on the folder and on the right, you can see who has access to the folder.




You can also change the access right of the person you shared with.