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Having a reliable and secure internet connection is critical for businesses of all sizes. Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions offer companies the ability to provide fast and reliable wireless connectivity to their employees, customers, and guests. Enterprise-grade hardware are built to last while consistently delivering a high baseline performance, along with maximum security and monitoring.

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Entrust Network Services has the expertise to plan, deploy, manage and maintain the network’s performance, security, and availability.

By engaging us to be a part of your team, we will ensure that your network is performing at its optimal capability through centralised management and monitoring. We will also be responsible for troubleshooting and providing end-user support for any connectivity issues.

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Entrust Network has been supporting SMEs since 2006. Let us become a part of your team.

Our approach to Enterprise Wifi Implementation

Define Network Requirements

Define the network requirements, such as the number of users, devices, and locations that need to be supported. Also, we consider the types of applications that will be used on the network, as this can impact the bandwidth and performance requirements.

Assess Network Infrastructure

Assess the existing network infrastructure to determine if it can support the enterprise Wi-Fi solution. This includes evaluating the broadband line, network switches, routers, and firewalls, as well as the cabling and power requirements.

Design Network Architecture

After assessing the existing infrastructure, we design the network architecture for the enterprise Wi-Fi solution. This includes understanding the office blueprint and determining the location and number of access points needed, as well as the type of wireless technology to be used.

Select Wireless Equipment

Propose the wireless brand, hardware models that will be used for the enterprise Wi-Fi solution, including access points, wireless controllers, and management software. Consider factors such as performance, security, and scalability when choosing the equipment.

Configure Network

Configure the enterprise Wi-Fi solution according to the network design, including setting up the access points, wireless controllers, and management software. Also, configure the network security settings, such as encryption and authentication, to ensure that the network is secure.

Test and Verify

Test and verify the enterprise Wi-Fi solution to ensure that it is working correctly and meeting the network requirements. This includes testing the network performance against benchmarked data, security, and scalability, as well as verifying that all devices and applications are working properly.


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“We needed to find an experienced IT partner and Entrust Network Services was exactly what we were looking for. Their team of experts has been able to seamlessly integrate with our existing systems and provide us with the support we need to stay productive and efficient. They’ve helped us implement new technologies and security protocols that have not only protected us from potential threats but have also increased our overall performance. They truly integrate themselves as part of your team, and we highly recommend them.”

Dr Steven Tucker, Director
Tucker Medical

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